The Tranchess Governance Forum

What is Tranchess Forum?

Tranchess Forum is where community governance starts. While the full DAO UI is still under development, Tranchess Forum would be the place where all community members can participate in the development of Tranchess protocol.

What can I find on Tranchess Forum?

Right now the forum contains four different categories: Announcement, Proposal, General Discussion and Technical Support.

Proposal: the main category of Tranchess Forum, where proposals regarding the new features, products, technical updates of Tranchess are released. The idea would be explained by the proposal, accompanied by a Snapshot voting.

Announcement: where the Tranchess development team releases notifications and updates regarding the project. These announcements would usually also be released through other Tranchess official channels concurrently.

General Discussion: just like its name, this is a category open to all topics (please keep them Tranchess-related).

Technical Support: where you can ask questions and find answers regarding any technical difficulties and confusions that you've encountered while using Tranchess.

How to participate in governance?

  • Join the discussion and provide insights by replying to the topics on the forum;

  • Read the proposals and cast your vote on Snapshot!

What is Snapshot and how do I vote there?

Snapshot is a tool that allows users to sign a transaction and express their preference without paying gas fees.

Every proposal is required to include a specific Snapshot link, through which users can connect their wallet and vote for the option they like.

What do I need to vote?

Your voting power would be counted according to your veChess amount at a certain moment (which will usually be specified in the proposal). Hence, in order to vote, lock your CHESS first for veChess.

To read more about veChess:


To understand how to lock CHESS and obtain veChess:

Where can I find more about Tranchess governance?

Please visit the Tranchess Forum for more details here.

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