Asset-Tracking and Liquid Staking

Where we started. (And still improving)

Tranchess started on the BNB Chain as a yield-enhancing asset tracker platform combining finance and blockchain technology elements. It is designed to provide users with diversified risk-return solutions by dividing assets into multiple tranches, each catering to the specific risk preferences of investors. With Tranchess, users can benefit from the yields of underlying blockchain assets, such as BTC, ETH and BNB. The platform's innovative approach leverages smart contracts to emulate traditional fund management strategies, aiming to maximize returns and minimize risks for participants in the DeFi space.

Key Features of Tranchess:

  • Tokenized Risk Tranches: By splitting assets into different tranches, users can choose the level of risk they are willing to take.

  • BNB Staking: As one of the 21 cabinet nodes on the BNB Chain, we provide additional BNB staking rewards to all users who put their BNBs with us.

  • Yield Optimization: Aims to provide an optimized yield from the underlying blockchain assets.

For more information, visit the Tranchess official website.

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